Saturday, April 5, 2014

Humans of Winnipeg (HOW)

It was only recently I came across the Humans of New York (HONY) site. I told myself that day... The next time I meet a random stranger, I'll start my own Humans of Winnipeg posts. Today we met a stranger.

Dave: Hey bro, can you spare a few dollars? I'm homeless, I live on the street and I need to pay for a bed at the Salvation Army.
Me: They charge for beds at the salvation army? Wait... I don't mean to argue with you, I don't have any spare change...I'm just not buying in to what you're saying. Why can't you try to get a bed at Siloam Mission?
Dave: I've been banned from there.
Me: What for?
Dave: I slept in last time I stayed there and the staff caught me.
Me: They ban you for that?
Dave: Yes. I could go to Main Street Project, but the people who stay there drink and do drugs.
Me: Why are your eyes all glassy?
Dave: I'm really tired.
Me: Here's the deal. I gotta go, so I'll pay you $5 to work for me. The work is posing for a portrait.
Dave: Sure.
Me: (hands $5 over under the negative assumption that it's not going towards the bed fund). Spend it wisely, make good choices!

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