Birds 1934 vs. 2017

A friend of mine gave me the well used bird book his mother used when she was in school. She attended school a long, long time ago.

Copyrighted 1934

Written by Julius King with paintings by Allan Brooks. Credit is given to the National Association of Audubon Societies, Inc. "for the use of the excellent copyrighted color plates which make these little inexpensive manuals possible".

I have added some photographs to compliment the paintings. Some of the birds names have been tweaked since 1934, but the birds appear to remain the same.

Song Sparrow - Winnipeg, MB

Gray Catbird - Winnipeg, MB

Red-winged Blackbird - Winnipeg, MB

American Crow - Winnipeg, MB

Belted Kingfisher - Winnipeg, MB

House Wren - Winnipeg, MB

Northern Flicker (yellow shafted) - Winnipeg, MB

Eastern Bluebirds (female) - Kansas City, KS

White-breasted Nuthatch - Winnipeg, MB

Barn Swallow - I-29, North Dakota

Common Grackle - Oak Hammock Marsh, MB

American Robin - Winnipeg, MB

Western Meadowlark - Winnipeg, MB

"Canada and this country have an agreement against hunting these big birds in the spring. Now they are more numerous than ever". I am not sure what "numerous" translated to in 1934, but current North American population of the Canada Goose is close to 7 million.

You'll notice there was no garbage depicted in the painting above.

There were sightings of Red-headed Woodpeckers in Manitoba this year, but I have not been fortunate enough yet to spot one to date. Something to strive for!

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