Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back to the Future?

Not a lot of skateboarding going on when it's raining, the temperature is dropping below zero degrees Celsius and the wind is gusting at 60km/hr. So today I ventured far beyond skateboarding to keep the content fresh.

Many years ago I met twinn brothers Dave and Dean when they approached me at a car show while I was runnig my booth at the time. Shortly after that we started doing almost everything together with regards to the world of lowriding and building cars.

Skip a few years later and I was helping Dave drive around and pick out housing at Humber College in Etibicoke Ontario (which of course feels like it was yesterday). Well apparently it wasn't yesterday as Dave's back in town shaking things up with a new position with the provincial government's Electric Vehicle Development Initiatives program.

Dave took me on a tour of the space the "Urbee" project has been worked on by the team he's involved with that is heading for SEMA in Las Vegas tomorrow to share what they've completed so far.

Within this space there is almost a chronological visual map if you will.

A few jems were sitting in this pile of antique bicylcles.

Then there was this more modern looking bicycle or "human powered vehicle".

We move along with a human powered/battery assisted project...

...on to Urbee.

Take that plan and make a model.

Throw down $160,000 in pocket change and have a larger model created on a 3D printer.

Get Urbee up and running so you have something to get around town in hybrid style.

For more on Urbee, check it out at SEMA or catch it on an up and coming episode of Daily Planet.

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