Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Freeburn The Movie

If Tom Green made a baby with Jackass; Freeburn The Movie would be that baby. A better looking child, with more laughs, more indy flavour. It will leave you wanting more.

The Trailer (if you dare)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Gap

The benefits of an all ages skate session at the zine launch party on Saturday night? Everyone motivates everyone. Case in point. Next day's Sunday session... Bigger gaps.

Bigger ollies!

That's that!

Monday, December 15, 2014

P&S Zine Issue 3.5 The Launch

Finally! P&S Zine Issue 3.5 hits the streets! ...and our online store of course.

Faith and André serving it up!

Cody G. showed up with 5lbs of pancakes... just because. Accepted as currency around here.

So there were pancakes. There was skateboarding.

Not too often, but this time literally; Pancakes AND skateboards. Awesome!

Ruby and Craig.

Jay and his number one son.

Skate helmet full. David D.

No photos!

The zine!

Brett Devloo (The Blind Kid) and Shayla.

Team P&S

New crew.

Old crew.

Edge crew.

Note to self.

The bars.


Pizza break for our buddy Nils a.k.a. mini-Spicoli

An all ages ordeal.

Robert and his shot of the Eiffel Tower

Leif Norman always prepared. Weapon of choice... Hipstamatic.

Upload and tag @legacyzines (Make note: We belong to a publishing powerhouse that belongs to us that is run in the office we made under the stairs).

Ezie arrived via unicycle. In the snow. Top that!

Shoot the shooter!

Oi Polloi!


Injuries. Yes, Pat Lazo skates! Check out the aftermath here.

This shirt will always rule. Guerts for life!

Flex your head.

Printed matter!


Matthew K. wins one of our door prize packages!

Grady Kuly. The Slurpee Dr. Oh yeah... and he's on the cover of Issue 3.5

Thomas and Ben.

P&S family and friends... we thank you SO MUCH for all your support!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Limited Edition

P&S Zine Issue 3.5 is a limited of 500 copies. See you tonight at the launch party!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Neighborhood Watch

So we went to a party down the street...

There were sleigh rides. There was hot chocolate, chili and pretzels...

A Canadian block party, with a twist. Most of the block was there, but all in one back yard!


Wiener roast!

Happy Birthday Peter! I'm not even sure if Peter was there, but his cake was!

Skateboarder. Broken growth plate. Winter Slurpee break. Slurpee Capital of the world... Winnipeg!


Our neighbors are awesome!