Saturday, September 16, 2017

Offline - The Trouble With PS Zine Issue 4

Buy film, shoot photos, print zines, sell zines, repeat! That's the motto, but sometimes the gap on the repeat is somewhat depressing and defeating. Whether it's a disturbance in the force, being side tracked with life in general or simply having the zine printing funds tied up in an entire box of left over PS Zine Issue 3.5, we just can't seem to make PS Zine Issue 4 come to the realization it was set out to be.

I had reached out to a the photographers that inspire me the most to submit photos for "The Photographers" Issue. All but one submitted photos in a timely fashion. Thank you for that. In the meantime, we kept paying our online store and web hosting fees etc... Sitting on expenses, not living in close proximity to the bigger zine and art book fairs and hiding a box of zines in the office in the closet under the stairs was not helping replenish the zine printing fund. For that we are sorry. We finally got around to taking down the online store. Maybe the money saved will help get the presses running again one day. Maybe not. We shall see.

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