Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Refusing to hibernate

The majority of the things I like to do are dependent on great weather to make them thrive. Skateboarding, lowriding and photography just aren't the same in the winter. Growing up in Winnipeg teaches you how to make the best of something that's not so amazing unless your love for snowboarding, tobogganing or snowmobiling is greater than that of all things summer.

This past weekend I had a chance to meet up with some of the local lowriders to see what was going down. Hibernation was not on the menu.

"Brothers lowrider" have taken it upon themselves to find a spot to work on their rides over the winter.
The place is fully equipped! Check out the kitchen?
They insist on top of the line only for all of their tools and such.
Top all of the most modern conveniences off with a velvet Elvis and you've got a dream shop to say the least.
All kidding aside, the place has amazing character, with lots of hidden treasures all over the place.

The fire stick! "Not to be used as a ninja sword." You've been warned.
I'll be returning to the shop soon when there's some progress to report on. Hopefully some wicked frame wraps and more!

After leaving lowrider headquarters I headed over to what I like to call the "Elmwood Lowrider Bicycle Factory".
This place was hopping, these guys have been building pieced together lowrider bikes and choppers night after night in a tight area that's wall to wall chrome bike parts!
These guys still have loads of work and good fun ahead of them that could help make this winter feel a little bit shorter!

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