Monday, December 20, 2010

Things done.

So I followed my own advice and we headed down to Winnipeg's Exchange District on Saturday.

Took note of Sk8 Skates marketing 101.

Checked out the Flea Market going down at War on Music.

Made a business transaction with Natalie and acquired some vinyl.

Went next door to check on Jon's photo sale. Jon was selling some photos. He will be there for the first part of this week as well. So go buy some photos.

We purchased some photos. Jason Crolly mini prints mounted on skateboard truck risers. Amazing.

Bumped in to Zak and his friends at the record sale. Since we were outside of Mondragon...

We all took part in a mid afternoon snack.

Yes...I picked up some classics and something a bit newer as well.

Saturday was about buying punk records, Sunday was about being skate punks.

Matt showed up for the session.

Mr. French with his 200mph smith grind.

Will making some big moves all day.

Ross being a little less reckless, but just as deadly as ever with this nose grind.

The second sighting of Zak in two days.


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  1. I have my order in for prints from Jon! Looking forward to them!