Thursday, January 6, 2011

Olympus Trip 35 1st roll review

I'll break it down like this. Mr. French is more excited about his Bad Brains shirt than I am about the overall outcome of the 1st roll of film out of the Olympus that I found under the Christmas tree.

Does it work? Yes. My original concern was the focus by distance set up on this unit. I don't carry a tape measure with me so if the camera is set to or choosing low aperture in auto mode it becomes a guessing game at best what will be in focus and what won't.

Shooting with a flash takes these concerns away as you set it to f22 and set your flash up as required for distance.

My other concern was the accuracy of the built in light meter as a hand held meter reading wouldn't do you much good because you can't adjust shutter speeds. Does it work? Do I need to use a gray card? Maybe the gray card would have helped to average out the readings the camera was getting...I tried it indoors, outdoors and quite frankly the light meter can suck it (this isn't a Ken Rockwell review, what did you expect)!

Will I try it again? Sure. It's handy as a back up (my FM2 AND X-700 just happen to be somewhere up in northern Manitoba at the moment so it's currently more than a back up). Would I say...go out and buy one it's a must have. No. Stick to cameras that give you full control of shutter speeds and apertures as well as focus control. That's my tip of the day.

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