Monday, January 3, 2011


We had another great Sunday session with a healthy mix of new and old friends.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Amanda's recent trip to Saskatchewan was spent at some sort of skateboarding boot camp. She took over the mini-ramp session with her regular bag of tricks and added half cab rock n' rolls, front side 180 ollies, stylish hand plants just to name a few!

Travis showed up for his first Edge Skatepark session ever and made himself at home in no time.

This particular member of our crew was down and out as far as skateboarding goes due to a very broken arm. He was there to enjoy the fun anyways, because passing the time on youtube to get your skateboarding fix while waiting for broken bones to heal is just not as good as the real thing. He brought his new Deathwish board shaped as a prison shank for show and tell!

Kendall finally graced us with his presence. He threw down with his equally impressive transition and street skating skills as always. He favoured the bowl most of this past summer, but has been showing his love for all things street since the fall.

Shane with a 50-50.

Some people like Dan for his beard. Some people like Dan because he's got some skills with leather. Some people like Dan because he actually CAN act his way out of a paper bag. Some people like Dan because he's an artist. Some people like Dan becuase he's the original lady killer. I like Dan becuase he has a fast and furious nose grab!

Will broke out his most stylish moves like this layback grind to match his equally stylish hat..

Will had warned us that he would pull out all the stops for this session. Proof is in the pudding? Big air to fakie!

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