Monday, February 28, 2011

Boneless etc...

Just another Sunday back at our favourite/only indoor skateboard park The Edge.

Like I've mentioned before, our crew has a healthy mix of the old school...

...and the new(er) school. This particular member of our crew is back with a smile after taking almost an entire year off due to an ACL injury earned in this very location.

Just as I was trying to figure this out...

...Mr. Lambert makes an appearance with his own giant smile!

Now for the skateboarding... I told David that my only reason for getting out of bed today was to take this exact picture. So he complied and performed a repeat of the same giant boneless that impressed me the first time I witnessed it a few weeks earlier.

Why hippie jump over something as simple as a bar when you can do it over a picnic table instead?

Ross makes everything look so easy...while doing it fast!

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