Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Festival 2011

Although the changes from year to year are very subtle at Festival du Voyageur, there really is so much to see....

...so much to learn as well.

Unfortunately history lessons are sacrificed when you roll in a crew of two deep and one of them just happens to be a seven year old. All that really matters is snow banks.

I don't know how crowded this party gets when it's below -35 degrees Celsius, but when it's between -20 and -30 people stop complaining about lousy weather and stand in line so that they can get inside, to stand outside!

O.K., in all fairness...there are fires going outside and many tents and building offer warmth and comfort...this is all irrelevant as far as most kids are concerned I'm sure.

The international snow sculpture symposium is always visually pleasing.

One of my favourites.

I remember going to festival when I was a kid and never realized I'd return one day until I had a kid of my own. He always looks forward to it and it's as good as excuse as any to get out of the house in the winter (even if it's easier to find excuses to stay inside).

There are always plenty of photo ops.

If the music, the food, the history and the snow banks aren't enough for you there's always cotton candy.

For a bit of a photographic history of the Festival I stumbled across this blog to share. The content appears to be comprised of local newspaper photos from The Univerisity of Manitoba Archives.

I definitely enjoyed the photos on the blog. It seems to be fairly new, but a good source for a visual history of Winnipeg.

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