Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Life

I prefer pictures of people over still life, but I was hanging out somewhere last night where bringing a camera wasn't an option so you'll have to use your imagination.

This is a week for being exposed to diverse musical tastes. Not only am I spinning anything from The Meatmen to The B-52's during the lunch hour, I saw Guy Smiley last Saturday and expect to be seeing The Rock Band, The Undecided, The Bonaduces, The Comeback Kid and more this Saturday. It only makes sense to keep it super interesting an check out Kronos String Quartet mid-week.

It's not my regular cup of tea, but we had amazing seats cabaret style at the front of the stage, the music was interesting and well done. We even had flowers thrown at us (o.k. ...the infamous assistant had flowers thrown at her) after the multiple well received encores. It was quite a show.

To be clear...when I refer to the B-52's being awesome...I'm not talking about Love Shack. Dig it?

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