Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good times for a change...

...aka Spring,sprang, sprung!?

Our busy little Saturday started with a session at The Forks where the little elves have diligently been working all week armed with shovels to remove whatever snow they could.

Will Power lay back 5-0

That didn't last long as we had to skip off to the outskirts of town to have a meeting with the accountant. We are very serious when it comes to business meetings.

If we HAD been on time to the vegan bake sale fundraiser...we would have been welcomed by this spread (photo by the roommate) laid out in the front lobby of the infamous Royal Albert Arms Hotel.

Instead we showed up half way in to the two hour sale and were greeted with this.

The roommate/brains of this particular fund raising operation.

$1005.00 taken in in just over an hour! Cash money to help aid those in need in Japan.

The charitable Nathan Terin himself showed up to do his part and buy some goodies for a good cause. Note the Be:Cause hat. It can be purchased from their site here.

Angela and Ryan got in on the action.

Just when you thought it was safe to leave with your baked goods... house security wouldn't let you leave without a tip!

Despite the fact that we showed up late for the choice treats we still came at the perfect time to run in to many of our friends. The timing also worked out that I met someone new that up until today I had somehow missed crossing paths with.

I was given a quick tour on some of the work that's being done in The Albert on the upper floors.

The last time I even bothered to venture past the main floor was when Schledewitz and I interviewed Dave Smalley until 4:00am one night after a Down by Law show way back when? I don't remember if the interview was ever printed, but I do remember Down by Law playing Values Here from Dag Nasty for an encore that night. Amazing considering I never got to see Dag Nasty with Dave Smalley. It was the next best thing.

You can still smell the paint on the walls in the green room.

Thanks to Natalie for a look at things to come and a stroll down memory lane.

Who could resist? Make your mark!

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