Thursday, April 7, 2011

I was a magazine addict!

When I was a kid my grandmother bought me a subscription to National Geographic. It was my first taste of magazines coming to me on a regular basis. The next step in the progression of Magazine subscriptions was Transworld, Thrasher and Maximum Rock n'Roll. Fast forward to 1993 and I found myself in a Shinders Book Store in downtown Minneapolis gazing upon my first Lowrider Magazine along with Orlies Lowrider Magazine. That day was a turning point to say the least with regards to lowriding, but just another day in my love for learning about what's new in a time where I cared less about the growing world of the internet.

I had regular subscriptions, in store subscriptions and bought new magazines off of the shelf if they caught my eye. One could say it was getting out of hand. Eventually I quit...cold turkey, never looking back. An old girlfriend used to point out that she observed time and time again anytime I walk in to a 7-11 I go to the magazine rack first. That's a habit that's never been kicked, but I no longer buy magazines there.

Aside from the habit I formed in my 7-11 routine of glancing at the magazine rack there is one new magazine related habit that I've noticed recently. We often go to McNally Robinson Book Store even if it's just to go for a walk and take a quick look around. Each time I'm there I find myself looking for one specific magazine. I hadn't seen it on the shelf in some time and I was about to assume they were no longer carrying it the other day until I decided that checking the shelf from time to time was going nowhere and I could just ask for it. Maybe it moved? It turns out it's a quartely magazine. Looking at my book shelf at home I then realized that if I had three issues it's been almost a year since I dscovered this gem and a new issue was expected to be out anytime soon.

Tonight's stroll through McNally was a success! If there's going to be self imposed limits on magazines in my life this one is going to be the exception. Monster Children issue 30 was ready for purchase!

That was quite the build up just to let people know how much I dig this rag from the land down under.

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