Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not just t-shirts!

Our online store features limited edition (1 of 1 made) Giclee (photo on canvas) and color prints for sale. Ready to ship!

Just to make it a little more fun and to show some perspective on the sizes that are made we shot some new photos!

First I paid a visit to The Edge Gallery to see the amazing Serena who has some of the work on the walls of her gallery ready to go!

Later I met up with the wonderful Ida Cherry from The Magnificent 7's and Ex-Girlfriends fame just before she heads west with The Mag 7's.

One of my favourite late 80's/early 90's live music photos. Ice-T at the Winnipeg Convention Centre sporting a Winnipeg Blue Bombers shirt!

Mr. Chi Pig.

A print from our 2010 visit to the 808.

Two beautiful ladies in one shot! These two go well together as they've crossed paths a few times and shared the same stage on occasion. Priya from Diemonds!

More Diemonds! I assure you this print looks darker when it's not angled up at the sun!

Serena peeking over a Doughboys Giclee print.

Tommy Kono with a nose manual in the 808.

The Knockarounds.

Last, but not least an 80's classic!

Have an empty wall screaming for some visual stimulation? Looking to change the existing art up? Looking for the perfect housewarming gift? Look no further! Who wouldn't want a picture of Ice-T on their wall? Every time you look at it you'll either think Law & Order or Rhyme Pays! Either way you can't lose!


  1. Can I recommend that in your website where you have write ups about each photo you include the date or even just year that they were taken?

  2. those photos are all super sick, cam!

    -nick s.