Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday night art party/Saturday night pre-flight check

I was working on my own creative endeavors on Friday night when Zakk called and informed me he was heading over. We turned it in to an official art party.

As you can imagine, this is a very time consuming piece he's working on. It looks amazing so far!

Ryan showed up earlier at the door with a box of zines. Stoked! Here's the sneak peak.

My work was half way done at about midnight...

Tonight before the results of Friday night's work were unveiled, we headed over to Cousin's Deli.

This is the sort of reaction one can expect when they find out that this is not actually Daniel Tosh and only his doppelganger Matt.

Natalie showed up sporting a nice Fred Perry she found at Value Village. I was a bit jealous.

...and finally our pre-flight check: Lots of pancake batter, lots of syrup, lots of O.J., new zine, new shirts set up at the gallery ready for tomorrow's pancake party...CHECK!

The only thing that was missing was the latest addition to the new collection and that was the "Danika" shirt. Ryan showed up with the batch and voila!


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