Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Frozen Bones

We do our best to publish the events we cover within 12-24hrs of when they occur, but this week there's been a bit of a back log. So here's a little piece about last Sunday evening.

I received what I figure was a mass text from local skater Brendon Sanderson to come check out his band playing an all ages show. The text came about an hour before they took the stage.

We figured why not and headed down to The Pyramid, choked on the $15 cover charge, negotiated a deal with the door guy and checked out the rock/blues/punk act called Frozen Bones.

Multi-talented Brendon on drums.

His band mates rocking out to the crowd.

We came, we showed our support and we left. It was better than staying home and watching T.V. and that's that!

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