Wednesday, June 29, 2011


With the "train wreck" far off in the distance in the rear view mirror it becomes easier and easier to appreciate all that is wonderful from one day to the next it seems lately.

Although a certain someone's priorities have switched from skateboarding to soccer this year, there's still the odd time where he decides to pick up his board and throw down. He has yet to land this trick, but it's interesting that he decided to put aside what he knows and go for front side ollies instead for a good hour! I think watching Jason Crolly session the ramp first had something to do with his motivation to try something big and new.

The rest of the time he's motivating himself.

In other news...who doesn't appreciate a random visit now and again? Surprise visits from friends are the best kind!

Skateboarding, soccer and great friends are all good highlights so far this week. Great weather helps make it all that much better. I grabbed this with the Blackberry tonight during a walk in the neighborhood. Nothing but glass between the kid and the sugar.

That's that!

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