Friday, June 24, 2011

Not A Day Goes By - Opening Night

When Pat Lazo from the Graffiti Gallery met with me a few months ago to inform me that his idea of putting on this show in memory of our friends that have been dearly missed for the last ten years was coming to light, I was on board in a heart beat. I knew then what I knew this past Monday when I took Pat up on an offer to take a sneak peak at the installation. I knew the show itself would be overwhelming to say the least. I told myself if I saw the show on Monday I would be more prepared for seeing the show on Thursday. I was wrong.

This is by far one of the most emotional projects I have worked on to date with regards to an "art show". This show was more than just images. It was overflowing memories, new friends learning about the past, old friends getting together as well as remaking acquaintances with other old friends from the past.

I was honored to have been friends with Jai and Alana in my lifetime and I was fortunate enough to be asked to share images captured from over the years. I spent a good deal of my evening without my camera, but always remember that using it on all occasions for more than half of my life is why I have images like these to share in the first place, so I broke it out.

Jon and Harry.

Jacqueline and Sydney (all grown up).

Veronica about to share the wonderfully written, powerful and extremely beautiful speech she had prepared for the evening. Thank you.

Steve (founder of SK8 Skates) and Johnny.

OG Sk8 Skates team members Jason, Jay and Harry.

Nicole came to hang out... did the "best friends"...not mine, but each others.

It's not the first time I caught Nate in action at this particular gallery.

Fred was on the scene paying his respects and showing his support.

Now that Matt's back in town I think I've seen him more in that last month, than in the last five years. He's that's a good thing.

Mr. McLean.

I rarely bump in to Dennis, so this needed to be did his bright red Green Apple hoodie.

Cliff came loaded with positive stories about good things coming our way. More on that later...thank you!

Can't have the old Sk8 Skates team in the house without some representation from the current Sk8 Skates Team!

Mr. French and OG Green Apple man Mr. B.

A wonderful show, thank you of the best nights of my life to date.

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