Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wheat City

So we headed to Brandon for a few reasons this weekend. The initial reason was to wrap up a shoot that couldn't be finished last year. Another reason was to catch the official Grand Opening of the Kristopher Campbell Memorial Skate Plaza in Brandon with both RDS and SK8 Skates putting on the demo. The third reason was to have some fun.

The fun started on the ride out. I had failed an attempt to complete a brand new mixed tape that I was working on earlier in the week for the two hour drive ahead of us, so I grabbed a few handfuls of random tapes from a storage box. Many of them didn't even have labels so essentially they were like mixed tapes instead of a mixed tape.

I used to record the infamous late night program Brave New Waves on CBC radio in my teen years and it turns out those were the tapes I grabbed for the trip. 1987 Chi Pig interviews, Husker Du profiles, The Smiths, Big Black, Government Issue and so much more! A great kick start to a fun and surreal weekend. I say surreal because dipping in to Brandon's Friday "night life" is hard to put in to words and the camera was best left untouched. I'll leave it at that and start with Saturday morning...

Brandon's Plaza is situated smack dab in the middle of downtown. All was quite before 8:00am...

This is art.

I was told this roof collapsed on it's own earlier this year.

When we arrived at the park some of the early birds were already wrapping up a session which gave me some free reign to snap some pics.

Others were starting to show up to take advantage of the beautiful day...

Everyone (including myself) were getting their share of skating in prior to the demo.

The park was 100% functional since late last summer, but it only became officially open at this very moment...

That's how you "cut the ribbon"!

The city went all out for this party, including live music across the street with Rebel Yell headlining the day.

Front row seats for the demo.

Biker central.

People were spread out all over the park to catch the action.

Dirty Ghetto Kids/DGK All Day

Bob! He doesn't just skate the park..he had a hand in creating the finished product!

The line up.

Jamie Mospanchuk!

Mickey Papa

I am pretty sure this was mere seconds before Tyler had the misfortune of breaking his wrist. I would say the very beginning of the summer is the WORST time for this to happen.

The locals.

Brothers Lambert.

SK8 Skates represent.

This is Brandon not Winnipeg.

Met a photographer named Jason (I believe) who I have for sure crossed paths with over the years when visiting the Spine n' Grind in the eighties as we have pictures from some of the same demos, except he had ALL of the demos and happened to have his pictures with him. Jim Thiebeaud, Steve Caballero, Jeff Hartsel, Natas Kaupas just to name a few.

A fan of Heavy Metal at the Rebel Yell merch table

Marcela the merchandise merchant. Big hoop ear rings are a great way to grab my I asked to document said hoops!

Senate Skate Shop was on site making sure the event flowed smoothly. They did a great job!

Mission accomplished...Brandon was a blast! The end...

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