Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The new four F's

My favourite gym teacher used to tell us about the the four F's. "Fitness, Fairness and Fun...the fourth F I never want to hear in my class!" he'd say. We had a "four F" day yesterday of another kind...Flashes, Falafel, Facts and Fun.

This particular day started when our new friend Pily came to hang out. The one thing I've come to terms with is that Mexico City isn't the most vegan friendly place in the world...but lucky for us it turned out Pily was a friendly she knew the good spots. We started our day at Falafelito. Why have falafel in a pita like back at home when we can have it in wrap! They make and cook the falafel balls to order. It was a delicious treat!

Pily simply offered to take us to some more skate parks during our stay. We threw on a handful of small requests on top of going to the skate parks and our new friend was more than awesome when making all our wishes come true and more. All I needed was a new flash from my camera as on of mine broke. When I say "new", I mean a used Vivitar 285HV to be exact. Low and behold if there was one of these in all of Mexico city the queen of radness helped us find it.

There was quite a bit of driving involved in our adventures yesterday. While I drove I not only had a navigator, but all questions regarding our surroundings were answered and interesting facts about the city were slid in as a pleasant bonus!

Bona and Pily, post skate session...

We'll be covering everything about skateboarding in Mexico City when we return home, but in the meantime we'll keep posting the highlights and teasers. Yesterday's skateboarding highlight was the 14'9" tall x 45' wide vert ramp!

Robert with a front side slash.

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