Friday, August 26, 2011

Positive Outlook

I met a guy yesterday evening I'd like to call "Good News Greg". He dropped some knowledge that was well received from my end for two reasons. I'm already looking for an excuse to go back to Toronto as my recent visit was cut short and it's like he knew one of the bands that was left on my very short of bands I would like to see in this life time should the opportunity arise. He catered to both desires with one simple statement... "I'm booking Youth of Today to play in Toronto November 11th!" Enough said.

"Youth of Sardé" is accepting some of the credit for making this happen. Fair enough. Natalie and Sarde were back to being joined at the hip last night. It's been awhile since Sarde up and left Winnipeg. We have her around for a few days this week! No complaints...she's still as rad today as she was the first day she showed up on our steps when she transplanted to Winnipeg many moons ago

Emily always has good ideas so I invited her out to meet up with Sarde and her crew so we could possibly exercise one of her good ideas after the friends dispersed.

A few friends in Sarde's crew just happen to be my neighbors. So there's that.

A few months ago I promised Emily when I achieved a certain personal goal (that was quite silly at the time) that we would go out to celebrate by indulging in a French fry party. That particular goal has yet to be achieved, but all things positive deserve a good celebration now and again. Seeing that I've been surrounded with all things and friends positive lately, her idea was the party goes down now! Like I said... she has good ideas. The hype has settled, it was far beyond midnight so a perfect spot to stock up on French fries for our celebration of positivity was Smoke's Poutinerie on Albert St. So that is what went down.

Positive Outlook-Youth of Today

Through the clouds I see the light
my conscience tells me
what's wrong and right
morals and goals deep inside
a bunch of feelings I can't hide,
but that's me
it's the way I live
My outlook on life is positive!

That's my positive outlook!
That's my positive outlook on life!

So what should I hide
or try to conceal
all of these feelings
that I feel
like to sit and talk about them
I want to stand and #&*%@ shout them!!

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