Sunday, September 18, 2011

I see running people.

At least once a day I see someone running, jogging etc... If you are near a park you see runners everywhere. Whenever I see someone running, two thoughts always pop in my head. You can run but you can't hide is one of them. Which is just me being silly and the other... running is not for me.

I've hated on running since we were forced to do it throughout the school years. I hear it's hard on the joints and why run when you can ride a bike? That's been my school of thought since forever. Today was a day for opening up the mind and a day for change. With very little practice as my skateboard abused joints seriously can't handle this activity for long periods of time I decided I would join a group of peers and run 10km for Terry Fox. It may be the last 10km I ever run, but I accomplished the task I set out to do and I'm feeling good enough about it to take the time to share it. Not so much for the running part of it, but trying something new. So there's that.

Shortly after the run it was business as usual and we headed off to the North Main Skate Park to meet up with our friend Amanda.

Amanda with a blunt nose grab on a chilly September morning.

It turned out that Red River Community Club was celebrating 50 Years and holding a skateboard contest in the early afternoon. Unfortunately our day had other plans, but before we left we met one of the organizers of the contest and were witness to a slick pressure flip on the quarter.

Jamie Simpson

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