Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If the shoe fits?

So tomorrow is the first day of the new school year for my son. When you are highly efficient and organized like me, that means that this is the night where I find all the notes from June that tell me what he actually needs for tomorrow. Before I even find that list I know that it has a long list of shoe requirements such as shoes that he shows up to school in, shoes that he changes in to for his before school program, shoes he changes in to for class and probably one more pair for gym class. I think if the school bought stocks in footwear companies that all of their annual budget problems would be solved.

I don't remember a day when I needed to worry about that many pairs of shoes for school. Regardless, he's at the tail end of his current size so we have tomorrow covered. When I start thinking about shoes I start thinking about how kids these days need lots of shoes for lots of occasions and if you have a kid growing up skateboarding....well let's just say shoes better be in your budget. Size changes are one thing. Grip tape is another!

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