Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's collaboration time!

Tomorrow we launch Issue II of our zine. It's chock full of images from our Mexico City adventures. Therefore it only makes sense to launch this collaboration shirt we did with Halen Ropa (Halen Clothing) out of Mexico City at the same time.

We met the owner of the brand; Cesar through our friend Pilar. Halen gives the strong impression that they are shaking things up down there with the number of customers wearing the Halen brand which currently ranges from t-shirts, to jeans and more. When I processed this photo of number one son wearing a custom made Halen ring it hit me right away. This needs to be on a shirt and show our love for the brand run by a skater who's constantly promoting his crew with his photography, video footage and more on the streets of Mexico City and beyond!

The launch party is the place to be to get your hands on this new tee first!


  1. Love the shirt! See ya in a week - good luck with the launch party.


  2. Thanks Corey! Looking forward to your visit from waaaay over there!