Friday, September 30, 2011

You say party, we say of course!

P/S Zine Issue II was hot off the press, two new t-shirt collaborations were ready to fly so it was time to get the party started!

Bram getting wreck-less.

When your blog incorporates anything from eating pancakes, skateboarding, lowriding and live music to motorcycles and pretty girls it only makes sense to throw parties that incorporate some of the same things. The last launch we had was all about eating pancakes. Our vision for this launch was to take the rest and put it all under one roof for the simple reason of why not?!

We thought that was already a lot to bring to the table, then our good friend Pat Lazo offered to add up one more element to our shin-dig.

Pat got to work on throwing up a Sailor Jerry mural during the party. Just our way of showing some appreciation for the generosity for the rum that showed up from Sailor Jerry for the launch.

Grady put in some work getting the party ready for the mere fee of chocolate this was his time to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

Jon was there at the beginning of my fascination with fanzines, photo zines and all things photography related since we met during our high school it's always a bonus to me when he surfaces and shows his support!

Leah, Brad and Carley

Brendan came to be Brendan. This usually involves a lot of hucking.

...sort of like this!

You can't keep a good man down. Tyler Guerts nurses some hardcore injuries from time to time...he's unstoppable..

Bram with a first try pivot fakie.

Grady with a board slide on the barrier he built the transition on just days earlier.

Katie and Terri-Ann making sure no one goes thirsty. Redbull, Sailor Jerry and even good old water were abound.

Jay from Be:Cause and Robyn made a much appreciated appearance.

Rumour has it that Nicole turns in to a pumpkin if she stays out past midnight, but she still gets out and that's what counts!

Rob Tibbs sportin' his brand new Nothing Promised brand, Shawn showing some 5th Column love and the roommate debuting the Based God t-shirt that he had put on hold for just such an occasion.

Barkman Skate Parks were kind enough to hook us up with some party favours for the launch such as this manny pad Brendan was throwing down on.

We love that Brendan loves skateboarding.

Peter with a 5-0. Peter towers over most people. Watching him rip around on his skateboard will both intimidate and impress.


...more friends. Thanks USO CC!

Wasn't this all supposed to be about a new zine? There's a copy!

Dave showed up appropriately representing with a Low Life Customs/Low Life Clothing t-shirt for the old days!

Party out of bounds?

Is it really a party until a 64' Impala starts hopping in the middle of it? Mario showed off his Low Life Customs built 64' and we thank him for that!

Ryan the designer hanging out with the punk rock custodian and friends prepared to move those units!

Like there was any doubt this would look amazing when Pat was done!

We enjoy working with those that have proven to be an asset in the past for creating a good vibe and a good time. That includes DJ SW@T!

New to us is DJ P_A and we were glad to have him aboard!

If you like working with great people for your events, don't hesitate to call these two first! They're working on a new project together and will be on tour in 2012!

How do you end a night of debauchery and skateboarding? You turn it up a notch and have Riot !n Paris from Brooklyn take over!

Of course they brought the noise to the party, but more importantly they brought a never ending supply of energy!

Pete and Mercy!

Pete promised to put his shirt back on when the music stopped, cause of course then it would just be weird he indicted.

That was a wrap! Goodnight from Riot !n Paris and thanks to EVERYONE who helped out, came out and supported a night that was allegedly a great time had by all!

For more great event coverage check out the Nothing Promised site!

A huge thanks to our friend Fred for sharing our vision for this night of mayhem and letting us convert his shop for a day!

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