Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cats , donkeys and so much more.

We knew we had a busy Saturday planned. We just had no idea how much fun and a little bit of weirdness awaited us at each turn.

The day started off early with one skate spot being crossed off the list due to a building unexpectedly being full of people on a Saturday so we moved on to a back up plan.

This back up plan is what we assumed was an abandoned store front behind a house. Once Grady got started jamming on the wall the surprisingly familiar looking owner came out asking what we were doing appearing to be frustrated. We instantly apologized for assuming the building was abandoned and offered to be on our way. He insisted he just wanted to know what we were doing so we stated the obvious...skateboarding and taking photos. He asked what for and we told him about P/S Zine. He gave me his card and asked me to send him a copy and let us carry on. The man just happened to be City Councillor Harvey Smith. A splendid way to start the day. For a moment I thought I was in opposite world, when in reality we were just in Harvey Smith world.

Neither Grady nor I could tell you exactly what is going on in this picture, but we can assure you he somehow rode away!

After hitting a couple more spots (including the spot on my head that hit concrete) it was time to dive in to the world of Chelsea.

I met her cat who gave me the once over sniff test and then jumped up on the seat to strike a pose.

At a glance this dwelling was full of all sorts of cool stuff.

Like pooh bear for example.

There were paintings, a never ending supply of home made jewelry and other art type stuff everywhere.

The latest collage.

...and the real reason we were invited over. To join in on this fun filled photo shoot!

More on that later...

Then we headed out to see our friend Jay for the last shoot before the sunset/imminent storm. When we arrived at his property we were surpsised to be greeted by his "roommates". Once I broke out the camera they were fighting to get in the shot.

The winner!


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