Sunday, October 30, 2011

Central Canada Comic Con (Words-Cam/Photos-Neufeld)

We witnessed the gathering of Trekkies, Star Wars die hards and beyond first hand today. Our friend Dan Neufeld was kind enough to let us use his photos to highlight some of this weekend's highlights at Central Canada Comic Con in Winnipeg to share the experience to those who weren't there.

Tribble trouble!


Bounty Hunters! Boba Fett is always bad ass!

Daphne and Velma hanging out at the Alchemical Press booth helping raise some money for Kids Help Phone!

Batman and Robin....Robyn?! Some lovely bird anyway.

Bounty Hunters keeping the crowd in line while the belly dancers shake their mid drifts.

Domo and friends.

Spidey familia.

??? I'm out of the loop on what this is, but it's something awesome I'm sure.

Dark Knight.

Cobra Commander.

Pile driver?

Optimus Prime...

...more than meets the eye!.

Mortal Kombat!!

...and then some.

It was hard to find parking outside the Convention Centre. These guys parked the Death Star outside taking up all the good spots! Then they lost some street cred hanging out with the gingerbread man?

Kokanee Sasquatch.

Everybody loves the Muppets!

A little bit of this...

...a little bit of that!

Numerous celebrities of course were available for autographs all the way from Brett the Hitman Hart... the infamous William Shatner himself! there's that. Thanks for the photos Dan!

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