Monday, October 17, 2011

SK8 Skates Video Premiere night!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending the SK8 Skates Video Premiere of their Store Wars contest entry Peggers Can't Be Choosers and their winning entry Thrashin' The Cube in the Connect The Dots contest that landed them a 10 page spread in King Shit Mag and $5000 cash!

No one wants to miss out what happens amongst the bros so this crew shared a table in the lobby despite the few empty seats available eslewhere.

Carley and Brad coming out for good times and showing their support!

The kids are alright! ...and crazy!

Chris from Two Zero Four supporting the scene and reppin' the P&S!

Dan Neufeld showing the intro photo to the King Shit Mag spread! Dan's photos are always top notch. This one deserves a standing ovation!

Shayla and her pops (Russel)!

Number one son has adopted Darnell as his new "Uncle"!

You know those who grabbed the back seats of the theatre first are the same kids that sat at the back of the bus as well as the classroom!

Genico and Tyler.

The Tommy Texters took a break from their smart phones for a quick snapshot.

Joel, Riley and Leah.

Mandatory cute girls to make any party that much better!

There's no such thing as a free lunch! Our buddy Brennan Slater is the victor in the push up competition for a free deck!

Mark with one of the evening's movie stars... Cain!

Jarod and Mitchell

Watch out Francis Ford Coppola...Alex Doyle is blowin' up!

Alex and Evan.

The night was more than just great videos and great times. It was an opportunity to announce some big news welcomed by those in attendance. In just a few weeks Genico with be handing over the reigns of SK8 Skates after 10 years to SK8's own Colin Lambert and his wife Dana. Congrats!

That's that!

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