Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back to the market.

The day started off early with a 7:45am breakfast party, but the camera was left behind so we start today's post off at lunchtime instead via Black Sheep Diner.

Tofu Scrambler

Vegan French Toast (yeah it's covered in coconut!)

Heuvo Rancheros minus the heuvo

While we were there we bumped in to April and...

After grub and visiting we headed out to the Thirsty's Flea Market on Ellice Ave.

Arthur Fonzarelli!


Then some old dude told me I couldn't take pictures. I assume it's because we wouldn't want anyone to find out there were things for sale? we moved on.

Back to Mulvey Flea Market.

Two of the vendors I was planning on buying from were no-shows so we kept on truckin'. I bought four paintings for ten dollars and then continued browsing.

Scoped out this Elite miniature spy camera.

Another miniature oldie.

Time, hear the tick of the clock tick-tock!

Natalie scored a lamp and a 7 Seconds e.p.!

That was that. Put the camera away for the day and ended up finishing the day off with a Jon LaJoie performance! Awesome! Thanks Ruben (SFL)!

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