Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flame Still Burns

I was interested to see what the 2011 version of DYS was all about, but unfortunately they were a no show on Friday in Toronto so Career Suicide filled their spot.

If memory serves correct these guys used to play in Winnipeg quite a bit, but I do believe this was the first time I caught them live.

The energy in the room was full of anticipation for Youth of Today to hit the stage. My anticipation had been growing for quite some time. Not only have I been talking about going to this show for months, but I've been wanting to see Youth of Today perform live since the first time I ever heard them.

I remember the very evening my friend Ricki and I were on our way to a hardcore show when he told me he had something I had to hear before we got to the show. He brought me up to his apartment on Kennedy St. in downtown Winnipeg and put in the Breakdown the Walls cassette (Wishing Well Records to be exact) in to his ghetto blaster. I remember not making out exactly what the singer was saying... "MAKE A CHAAARARARAROUNGE!" It blew my mind.

This goes back to late 87', early 88' and the chances of New York hardcore bands passing through Winnipeg were slim to none at the time with the exception of the Cro-Mags in 86' on the GBH tour. The next best chance we would have had would be catching them play in Minneapolis. Years past and the closest we came to seeing Youth of Today was their band members newer projects Judge and Shelter play at 7th ST. Entry south of the border.

So long story short...I was stoked for what was about to go down.

Caught in a mosh and...caught in someone elses flash (thus the double exposure).

Ken Olden from Battery and Better Than A Thousand

I love capturing the moment right before the stage dive...always wondering if the camera will survive the potential blow.



It was an amazing show. Thank you!

I believe it's been over 20 years since Youth of Today played in Toronto. I would say most of the fans in the place weren't even born at the time. Old or young fans came from all over. Alberta, Newfoundland and Quebec just to name a few.

When I first walked in to the club I saw these Varsity jackets on the Montreal boys. I had to grab a photo!

Tony and Karl!


Break Down The Walls! From the show...


  1. yo! i'm the dude on the right with Tony. great shots.