Thursday, November 24, 2011

LEGENDS of the STACHE - Opening night.

We made our way out to the Graffiti Gallery for the LEGENDS of the STACHE show.

There were mustaches everywhere.

More impressively, there was great art abound!

Ryan Seradilla's "Secret STACHE" was the first piece to grab my attention when I walked in the room.

Rodrigo Pradel's "Got Milked" was delicious.

If it's not too late, someone please buy this for me! That's my way of saying Justin Kovesy's "Swedish Chef" is AWESOME!

Justin himself with Tommy.

"Tsou Cha Kai" by Wes Harcus


Rich Handford's "Unmasked"

Ryan Poworoznik's "Yilan Tanri"

Our friend Ryan and his friends.

...and we were off!

Disclaimer: We only showed you a small sample of walls and walls full of great if you haven't been...go check out the show!

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