Thursday, November 17, 2011

Then and now - Full Circle Stop

Despite how excited I was about the opportunity to go see Youth of Today in Toronto last Friday I was on the fence about spending the big bucks on a plane ticket until just days before the show. Seeing a good band is lovely, but it's often hard to justify spending money on a flight just to make it happen. I was looking for a good excuse, one more reason to go to Toronto or "a sign". Two days before the show that sign came in the form of an old friend getting in touch over the internet.

I hadn't heard from him in over two decades, but if there was a sign this was it. My friend Len used to be the drummer in one of the longer lasting musical efforts from my past;Peak of Outrage. We not only listened to Y.O.T. together, we did back to back covers of Positive Outlook/Slow Down during some of our sets to bring that NYHC influence to our fans.

After the P.O.O. gig Len went on to play with local band Orange Juice.

After Orange Juice disbanded Len left Winnipeg and joined the ranks of west coast hardcore's Strain. He eventually moved east and drummed for NY's 108 for a spell before eventually settling in Toronto.

I asked him if he'd like to see Y.O.T. me and he asked me if I was crazy... of course he did.

It was no surprise to me that Len is still at it creating and writing music in his crib, always ready to start the next project.

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