Sunday, December 4, 2011

Arts and Crafts

Ryan P. invited us to tag along on an adventure to A Finely Crafted Sale at the Park Theatre tonight and we accepted. Previously this annual sale was dubbed "This Ain't Your Grandma's Craft Sale" which is too bad, because the name was very suitable and if it ain't broke...

The building was full of potential customers, art, crafts, creativity, delicious jam and more!

This is Tesia...

...she makes hand crafted jewelry. Want her to make something custom? Contact her here

This is her zombie Cameo

Sebastien and his booth grabbed my attention right away. Anyone bold enough to wear chain mail usually does.

This guy was also at the booth. I didn't catch his name. I'm gonna wager that he doesn't wait till November to get his mustache on.

These guys are obviously hell bent for leather...

...and metal!

Does your Grandma's craft sake usually have DJ's?

This is Michelle...

...she designs jewelry. If her site's not back up and running when you read this, hit her up here

The originals weren't for sale, but DELORES art was ready to sell some great stuff she made from them.

We bumped in to our skateboarding buddy Catrin!

Kristin is the friend of Ryan's that insisted we come down in the first place.

Just when we thought she was never coming back from overseas we were glad to find out that Sigourney is back in town! We've gone on and on about how great she is before.

Sigoruney IS Ruby Feathers!

Randy from artlab design

...he's got cool stuff!

Holly Halftone is no stranger to either side of the camera. Check out DRAWN AND PLASTERED to see what Holly and her partner Meg Bergeron are cooking up for classy themed after-parties.

It's been a few years since I last attended a craft sale put on by artists. This one is holding the crown for the most fun at a craft sale to date!


  1. Hey! Thanks for blogging about the sale, Drawn and Plastered, and for posting all these awesome shots! Can't believe it took me so long to stumble across it ;)


  2. You are welcome Holly! It was a pleasure meeting you! Stay awesome and creative!