Monday, December 19, 2011

Food, friends and the fashionista...

First order of business yesterday was meeting our friends for lunch at boon. It's not uncommon for us to post about food now and again. This is less about the food or the restaurant itself, but the company we keep.

Amanda and...

...Jordy are often down to meet up for good vegan eats. Food is just as good of an excuse as any to get out and see your friends!

Speaking of friends. One of the best kind of friends to have is the cook himself! Andrews makes good go pay him a visit and get down with the good stuff.

On a side note...who was it that started the "rabbit ears" behind people's heads in photos? If kids had their way...there would be a pair in each picture ever taken!

After lunch we met up with someone I would refer to as a fashionista. It's simple... Jessica is passionate about fashionable matters.

She's fun, we like her, we shot her...with cameras obviously. More on that later so stay tuned.

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