Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sk8 Skates Grand Opening Sale

Sk8 Skates Grand Opening under new ownership gets underway today and continues on through to December 24th!

Colin Lambert has been working around the clock with his friends and family getting ready for the launch of the new Sk8 Skates. He may be tired, but in his own words he's simply "happy"!

Brother Cain Lambert may have weened off of the facebook, but he's not off the radar! Within five minutes of being open for business the line up for Cain's assembly skills is under way.

New Sk8 Skates decks is what's on the menu.

As are shop shirts...


...Free stuff!

...and a fully stocked store of your favourite brands!

A tribute to the old days.

A tribute to the "King of Corydon" Jai Pereira -photo by yours truly.

Down to the most pressing business. Yes! Sk8 Skates has P&S shirts in stock for your X-Mas and all other needs. Such as the general covering up of your naked upper half.

So get on it! Get out of bed and support your local shops!

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