Sunday, January 8, 2012

13 out of 150

I bumped in to an acquaintance one day while out for lunch and he pointed out that that particular moment was the first time in over twenty years of seeing me around town that I didn't have a camera around my neck. I laughed, cause I obviously don't always have a camera around my neck. When I feel like shooting I do and if I'm attending an event or something of that nature I usually would have my camera with me.

There has been however certain occasions where I was torn on the decision, but left it at home anyway. A couple of those occasion passed recently and as much as I felt naked without it I ventured onward without. That would explain why there was no post yesterday perhaps as Friday's night's art show and post art show skateboarding and Saturday's skateboarding were documented by the naked eye only and stored in my own memory instead of on film or a hard drive.

This morning was different because I deemed it as a "must bring" camera situation. My friend Keith is ready to move some of his records and t-shirts and that's an event worthy of documentation and sharing!

A good taste in wall art as far as I'm concerend.

Looking for a: Mouthpiece, Beyond, Schism, Carry On, Supertouch, Moving On, Remission, Have Heart, Verbal Assault, No For An Answer, Release, Betrayed, Common Cause, Underdog, Time Together, Right Idea, React, H20, Leeway, Outlast, Noose, Floorpunch, Decendents, Not Sorry, Give, Suicidal Tendencies, Mindset, DYS, True Colors, Corrosion of Conformity, Get The Most, On Point, Judge, Turning Point, Brotherhood, Dischord or a Strike Anywhere T-Shirt in mostly XL and some Large? Yeah he has those for sale.

Brotherhood - No Tolerance for Ignorance

No for an Answer

Schism Records - Project X

Some shirts are for sale as mentioned above and then there's the personal collection from the bedroom closet.

An original Youth of Today 1988 We're Not In This Alone shirt

Looking to add to your 7" or 12" record collection with titles from: Burning, Jimmy Eat World, Beyond Possession, Universal Order of Armageddon, The Van Pelt, Shotmaker, C.O.C., DYS, endpoint, Keepers of the Faith, Heroin, Policy of 3, End of the Line, Government Issue, The Meatmen, Puzzlehead, 1.6 Band, Scream, Police and Thieves, Deep End, Insted, Get The Most, Gauge, Dayglo Abortions, On, Frodus, Fountainhead, Right Idea, Carry On, Sensefield, Soulside, Rearranged, Underdog, Half the Battle, Uniform Choice, Resolve, Headfirst, Floorpunch, Have Heart, AHC, Cro-Mags, Youth of Today, Supertouch, Judge, Fir & Ice, Not Sorry, Remission, Econochrist, Good Riddance, Rise, True Colors, Noose, Clearsight, Unity, Fired Up, Common Cause, Young Republicans and more... Keith has got you covered.

A sampling from the entire React Records collection in every color of vinyl released.

Original pressing of Youth of Today - Can't Close My Eyes

The best band to ever come out of Alberta, Canada...crossover skate thrash masterminds Beyond Possession!

Limited Edition re-release of Young Republicans.

13 out of 150

That's that.

Keith isn't looking to sell one shirt and record at a time on the ebay etc... So if you'd like to be introduced to Keith get in touch with us and we'll make it happen.

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