Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Top 10's Part III

Part III for the 2011 Top 10's is all about the music!

Who doesn't love a reunion? Bonaduces got together for the Call*Response launch.


It's a no brainer that Youth of Today made it in to the Top 10 live music photos.


Ray of Today.

Riley's antics with Still Fighting would be remembered with or without photographs. They put one one great show!

This reunion was a big deal to lots of people. The venue was sold out fast! Some people were reliving the old days and others like myself were finally getting around to doing something that should have been done so many years early and that is attend a Guy Smiley show.


Gotta show some love for the roommate. XBeepsX shows up to the party with The ALX.

The Bro-Mags gave us a taste of The Cro-Mags. That's Top 10 material right there! Enough said.

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