Sunday, January 15, 2012

Field Trippin' Part I

Welcome to the first (of hopefully many) of the "field trippin'" series. I'd love to say we jumped in to a time machine for our first field trip to grab this image...

...but even if we did it feels like we landed back in 1977 and not the times of corralling the buffalo on the plains as that would be about the first time I think I saw this display. It was pretty amazing to me then and it's still sort of crazy now.

This is our friend Ann.

She's the one that suggested going on a "field trip" a short while ago and we accepted. We suggested back that we take it up a notch. We're gonna do our best to check off a couple of the typical things from suggestions of lists such as 101 Things To Do in Winnipeg or Manitoba's Star Attractions.

The first thing I noticed from these lists aside from Thing To Do # 101: "Show off your moves (or just watch the experts) at Canada’s largest Skateboard Plaza located at The Forks" is that the majority of these things don't appeal to me so we might start making our own list of Things To Do while in Winnipeg aside from get on an airplane and go elsewhere which I believe is a favourite amongst the locals.

This was the rest of our field trippn' crew.

The first lesson learned on any field trip is that most of the fun can be had before even paying the price of admission if the world is your playground.

So back to the field trip. If you're a local and you've been on a field trip before...well this one is an obvious one from the first photo...we were at the Manitoba Museum (formerly known as The Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature until "man" became a naughty word despite the fact that "man", "woman" and "human" all end in "man").




There are options when you get to the museum. The obvious being to check out the museum itself where the displays are becoming just as much relics as the artifacts that are in them. While you're there you can take a stroll on the Nonsuch where Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez played Tonsil Hockey during a recent visit to "The Peg". The other options being the Science Gallery, the Planetarium or the option we chose... Circus!

The highlights of the Circus exhibit being tight rope walking and the whatever you call this thing...

Number one son pulled off 21 back flips in-a-row and then we were outta' there! Field trip commenced, on to other adventures... Dwayne Larson's b-day party/house warming celebration!

Best way to check if you're at a good party or not is the source of the music. Spinning records on an old school turntable is always a win in my books.

A good taste in music helps as well.

I cased the joint and took inventory of of the goodies on the shelf such as the Canon rangefinder, a Polaroid and a Holga.

His and hers Yashicas. How romantic!

The party boy himself and his birthday mustache trying on one of his presents intended to make him the sharpest dressed wedding photographer on the scene!

After a day at the museum it was refreshing to find one of these that wasn't stuffed!

That's that!

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