Thursday, January 5, 2012

The visitor, the session, the other visitor and her party.

Sometimes friends leave town and we stop giving them birthday presents as a result. Sometimes they come back to visit. Youth of Sarde did just that and we used the occasion as an excuse to go out for breakfast the other day.

Happy falafel balls with hot sauce.

Will gets in on the Pancakes and Skateboards Edge Skatepark test drive later that same day.

Jacqui also came to visit from out east. She met us in the afternoon to get a few half cab rock fakies in while she was in Winnipeg and a few hours later she was celebrating and documenting her own birthday with friends and family.

Sarde was back on the scene. We got right in to some delicious vegan chili.

Jeremy was the maker of said delicious grub.

Know when to hold them....

...Know when to fold them! We met some new faces...If memory serves correct, this is David...

...Laura and Julie?

Everybody knows Luke. He's on the world wide web.

Sara, number one son and the always lovely Anna B.

Awesome friends, awesome times and that's that!

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