Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dead Beats - by Shawna Conner

When I showed up at the opening of Shawna Conner's Dead Beats show at Negative Space last Thursday evening something happened that would usually be considered a game-ender, but instead I treated it like a welcome surprise. I had opened up my camera bag only to realize that I had brought my digital camera with me as I usually would to an event like this, but I instantly noticed I left the battery at home in the charger. Instead of being disappointed I was excited as it forced me to grab my film camera. Not just because I prefer to shoot film and I more often than not choose the digital camera instead for convenient blogging purposes etc..., but becuase the lighting conditions were less than stellar which created another challenge that I was also prepared for. I broke out the Ilford 3200 speed film I had stashed away in my bag for quite some time. I had no idea why I even bought it as I moved away from using the higher speed films years ago. Now I knew why. It was for last Thursday night.

The only downside to shooting film last Thursday is that I wasn't in the mood for an all night developing party so you're only hearing about Shawna's show now and here it is...

A sample of the art...

My friend James that I dragged out with me.

Kristin and Jon


My friend Natalie and her friend...(the one that I asked her name enough times so I could introduce her to my own friend and just when I thought I had it memorized, I've drawn a blank)

The artist herself.

Great show, great space, great art, great friends and that's that!

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