Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here we go again.

I mentioned a few years ago that I hadn't attended "Festival" since I was a kid and now that I was raising a kid of my own it was time to return. We've been going every year since then. Here are the highlights from our first day at Festival 2012

The weather was AMAZING this past weekend and the fort was packed! We came to get down...or maybe upside down?

Denmark got a bit crazy with this years ice sculpture entry The Dialogue – Birth of Democracy.

Yes, she's giving birth to the letters that spell "democracy" while her man watches over. It was bold...I approve.

We learned about the revolution and all things old school musket related delivered with an appropriate thick French accent.

Portrait time...

Two Cams are better than one.

Get it? Her name is Cam, my name is Cam. I know... it's genius.

The bonus round...

It's was so warm and wet out that this happened...

...problem solved.

Well sort of. Better warm and wet than cold and wet? Who knows for sure, but it did the trick!

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