Saturday, February 18, 2012

No time for skate videos.

From the Bones Brigade videos to Fully Flared I could probably estimate the number of skate videos I've watched in the last twenty five years to be less than fifteen. For whatever the reasons were throughout time I just spent more time doing other things than taking the time to watch others do amazing things in these videos.

I don't regret not prioritizing my time to include endless hours of watching skate videos, but I am aware that I missed some great inspirational moments along the away.

Earlier tonight I happened to be viewing an old episode of Epicly Later'd featuring John Cardiel. If you asked me earlier in the day who John Cardiel was I would have admitted that I had no idea. That's how I spent the early 90's... Doing my own thing while being completely unaware of what was going on elsewhere. Worrying about hitting a skate spot without being beaten down by thugs with 2x4's or baseball bats was far more pressing that who was on the cover of Thrasher Magazine that month etc...

After watching the episode I was inspired to dig up some Kodak negatives shot on my roommate's Hasselblad. A day in the life back at 785 Nassau St. South circa 1991.

Mr. Big Pants/Small Wheels himself Mike D.

The roommate and fellow skateboarder... Billie-Jo

A few of the other roommates.

In hindsight, what I missed the first time around...

Thanks to the power of the internet and I know.

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