Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's in the box?

I was invited down to the 18+ Session at The Edge Skatepark tonight so I could witness to a special occasion. Geoff from the Edge called everyone in the park over to hand Cliff a mystery box and asked him to open it up.

Surprise! The crew that helps run the park thought it was due time to celebrate Cliff Heide's ten year mark of running the park by creating his "pro model". The Chief! Since 79'!

In Edge Skatepark years that's a long time. Cliff has been overseeing the park for half of it's existence. Impressive.

Meanwhile back at the bowl... Alex Doyle gets some footage of Austin Thomas landing an airwalk fakie.

Cliff's pro model and two more Edge Skatepark decks are now available at the pro shop at the park.


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  1. It was a hell of a night. So giddy about this new park still. And nice snaps!