Friday, March 16, 2012

The countdown

So the official countdown is on and with only three days left at The Angry Ramp you know what he have to do. So here we are making the most out of the time we have left!

Josh Thorvaldson blunt kick flip!

David Seburn has grown to love this ramp as much as he loves the boneless and all of its variations.

What are the chances? Three dudes picking the same night to wear bright yellow t-shirts. This is the day before St. Patrick's Day and all. Maybe wearing yellow is just working your way through the rainbow to get to green. Perhaps those of us without yellow shirts weren't notified that it was yellow shirt day. Whatever the reason...our friends are awesome!

Karl made use of the coping that just keeps on going! 50-50 ollie out!

That's that!

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