Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun and games

Yesterday started off like any other great weekend day. We ate our pancakes, some friends dropped by and we headed to The Plaza. We skated, we took some photos like this one...

Keiran Zimmerman switch frontside heel flip.

Brennan was down to let me capture this feeble.

Just when I thought I was unlike the photographer in Crailtap's satirical "Shit Skateboard Photographers Say" video. I open my big mouth and point out to Brennan that I caught the feeble a bit late and maybe we should get one more shot.

This is what I saw through the lens when that was going down...

Shortly after I saw this...

What are those guys looking at? Board meets camera, camera meets face! Still smiling!

Thanks for the photo Peter and thanks to the kind staff at the Misericordia for the great service and the five stitches. Thanks to me for letting Olga use me as her first victim. I guess it was training day... Rock, paper, scissors you stitch up the photographer!

I was brought in to this world in that I do trust them and often go back there as my first choice for repair! Thanks to Canada's health care system I'm still under warranty.

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