Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's still winter...

As it is still winter, there hasn't been as much going on as usual in the last week or two. I think there comes a point in every winter where I just run out of the same steam I've been running on since the grass was last green. I'll spend the remainder of the season on the edge until the snow starts to melt again and we can "play outside" on a regular basis.

Just when I was about to go purchase some Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps to brighten my day, Mr. French called me up on the telephone. Just the fact that I still have friends that prefer the telephone over electronic communication is something to get excited about. So while Mr. French and I side tracked whatever it was we were talking about which probably had a purpose in the initial part of the call, he starts a sentence with "when I worked at the golf course". Well I don't know much about that, but I do know a little about the golf course.

Do I play golf? Hell no, but we used to "trespass" through the golf course from time to time. During one of these trespassing adventures we stumbled across some sort of maintenance man's graveyard of sorts. One day I dragged the Yashica out to this sacred spot and took some photos on a day, much like today as far as the outside condition was. One of those photos looked just like this...

The first time I went to print that photo was the first time I exercised enough patience to use fiber based paper. Despite the superior results in comparison to resin coated paper, it was also the last time I used fiber based paper.

Out of all the objects that were stored in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the golf course old trucks and broken down antique equipment made sense. We felt that the random bones hanging high up in a tree in the same spot were far more intriguing...

Simply freaky.

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