Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday night's alright!

It was that time again. Fred was feeling the need to throw a party... so he decided to host an Angry Ramp BBQ/pay the hydro bill party. This is Winnipeg so first order of business was digging a path...

Second order of business was to invite some friends...



You get the idea...

It was ironic that we tried to raise money for the hydro, because the neighborhood had a black out and we skateboarded via flashlight illumination for about fifteen minutes!

Take the money from the box...

...put it in the safe!


Yeah Amanda did a rock fakie on the vert big deal!

This is an example of a what sort of facial expression one could expect when someone grabs your nut sack.

Just when we thought the party couldn't get any cooler than Teri-Ann's Welcome to Hell - Venom t-shirt...

...Brendon Sanderson shows up for his debut appearance at the Angry Ramp and throws down like he owns the place!

All hail Brendon Sanderson! He literally blew my mind. Thankfully Dillan Lavalee was their to document it keep your eye out for that footage!

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