Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get out of town!

Good Friday? Sounded like a good excuse to go on a mini road trip back to Wheat City a.k.a. Brandon.

In chronological order this is how the day unfolded...

Grady Kuly backside air.

Number one son (who told his friends "sometimes we go to Hawaii, sometimes we go to Mexico City, sometimes we go to Brandon") with an indy grab.

Josh Thorvaldson enjoys Brandon's skate park so we invited him out.

Tuck knee.

Shortly after this photo was taken, some local thug strolls up and smashes a bottle in the bowl as some sort of local feud payback chess move. The kids clean up the glass and we move forward...

...Making use of every obstacle.

Josh with a blunt slide on the ledge.

We came, we conquered just like Daniel and this 6 set.

Was it a good Friday? They're all good as long as you remember to have fun!

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