Saturday, May 26, 2012

Down and sort of out...

First the valued visitors of our blog who drop by on a regular basis, we thank you for your patience! It's been a rough week. The star of this blog will be a spectator only with regards to both soccer and skateboarding for the next little while...

In other news, yours truly has been banned from skateboarding for the next 4-6 weeks and all other physical activities including lugging around camera equipment. Doctor's orders! The good news is I am sure I can find someone that will lug the equipment around for me as soon as I've graduated from the "rest and do nothing" portion of my post operation healing good times party.

There's even more good news. We do our best to be positive around here, so why not focus on the bright side? P&S Zine Issue III is closer to completion every day! We'll use our down time wisely and catch up the work required to pull this off. We'll keep you updated on that and whatever else comes our way in the meantime!


  1. Cool cast! Too bad you have to break something to get one. Hope you both make a speedy recovery and are back to wreaking havoc at the skate parks sooner rather than later.